When Technology and Finance Meet

I have been really curious as to how technology is being used by modern day businesses to transform how they operate. Take a recent trip to a local cafe who traditionally would have struggled with the complexities getting setup with a credit card machine.

In the past you are talking hours filling out paperwork, then the grief of installing a phone line, statements to work through, reconciling bank payments to credit card transactions, all of which are worthwhile if it increases the number of card payments you can take.

However, you didn’t always know if the bank would accept you, especially as a new business. How does the thought of taking your smartphone and turning it into a credit card machine sound? Think about it, everyone always carriers their phone, especially as a small business. It’s essential to receiving those orders and checking your emails.

So using your phone as a credit card machine seems like the next logical progression. Well take a look at iZettle. This handing chip and pin pad combines with your smartphone to turn it into a credit card machine. You simply connect it to your phone, either using a wired or wireless connection, install an app and away you go.

I first came across iZettle after reading this iZettle chip and pin review, and have used it in my shop ever since. Not everyone carries cash these days and it can be the difference between someone purchasing something from you and not.

Speaking of instances where finance and technology come together nicely, my kids have been using a prepaid debit card that is linked to an app. As parents you have full control over what they spend, using your smartphone. You can setup pocket money and set up tasks that they complete to earn money. For a full review see http://www.gohenryreview.com – all the information is contained on this page.


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